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Practice Partnerships

Partner With Us

Are you an established practice or clinic , wanting to discontinue outside referrals for pelvic floor therapy?

We offer a quality low risk comprehensive pelvic floor muscle therapy program to benefit your patients and generate passive, ancillary revenue.  Instead of a brick-and-mortar free-standing location, we can provide mobile pelvic floor treatment in surrounding and partnering clinics in the local area.  We ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner.


Pelvic Floor Training
and Consultation

Provider Relations & Start-Up

Are you a provider or entrepreneur that wants to learn more about offering pelvic floor therapy?

We offer consulting and professional training for start-up pelvic floor services to independent and partnering clients. This service provides training for you to offer pelvic floor therapy in-house as a service. You are able to leverage time and practice revenue potential without the learning curve of hiring and training new staff to care for your patient panel.

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