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Say Goodbye to
Bladder Leaks, Pelvic Pain, &

At Core'Ordinates Care, Our Motto: Run Again, Laugh Again, Love Again...

Symptom Free!

Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy

Treatment for bladder and bowel disorders related to pelvic floor weakness (dysfunction)

Poos, wees and intercourse are hard enough to talk about when things are going well! Pelvic floor pain and discomfort; bladder and bowel leaks are something many of us experience, but rarely talked about. These symptoms are typically caused by muscle weakness due to chronic wear and tear, pelvic muscle trauma such as childbirth, chronic constipation, hormonal changes and or injury. The pelvic floor muscles hold all the muscle groups together in the pelvic region. The bladder, colon, and reproductive organs are supported there. Over time, these muscles and organs can experience weakness and even drooping (prolapse) causing you to have embarrassing and challenging symptoms such as overactive bladder, leakage and pelvic pain. This may lead to wearing incontinence pads, painful intimacy and frequent bathroom trips. But there is hope and help here at Core'Ordinates Care, Inc.

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Don’t Feel Embarrassed Any More

You Deserve To Be Symptom Free

Stop Suffering In Silence


Personalized Treatment Plans

Natural Approach To Treatment

Clinical Success Rates Of 80-90% In Patients Ages 18-99 Years Of Age


What Our Patients Say

"I am so excited about the therapy and the results I received. This program changed my life ! I was able to recover after delivering my second child and improve my intimate relationship as well. Kim, I am grateful you are here! "

Sarah - Memphis, TN

What We Offer

InterStim & Biofeedback treatment for 
Pelvic Floor Dy

Have questions about the world of pelvic floor? Please watch this informative video, then schedule a time to speak to a team member .

Pelvic Floor TED talk


Common, but NOT Normal

Studies have shown that as many as 1 in 3 women will experience some form of pelvic floor dysfunction within their lifetime. It touches every single aspect of someone's life -- while it's not life threatening, it can be life diminishing. In many cases it can be both preventable and treatable, yet so many do not receive the help that they truly need.. . You don't have to suffer in silence any longer. Our pain free and innovative approach using Inter-Stim technology, Biofeedback and Pelvic Floor Muscle Training will get you back to feeling great again. Typical results seen after 1 treatment, Significant improvement rates are 70-90%. Covered by most insurances. Call today to find our more

NEW Patient consultation

Say goodbye to bladder or bowel leaks, pelvic pain, pads, and embarrassment. Say hello to a proven, natural approach to treating pelvic floor problems and incontinence. Covered by most insurances. 


 Have questions? We have the answers. Call the office at 901-877-4017 to speak with a member of the clinical team.


Are you an established Practice wanting to add Pelvic Floor services for  your patients? We offer a quality low risk comprehensive Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy Program to benefit your patients. We provide integrative turn key  mobile pelvic floor treatment services  in surrounding and partnering clinics in the local area. Call today to speak with a team member

pelvic floor training
& consultatio

Are you a medical office or health care provider interested in learning about Pelvic Floor Valued Services for yourself or  practice? We offer consulting and professional training services for New NPs interested in Pelvic Floor Training or Start- Up.

How To Get Started

We Make It Easy To Work With Us

Schedule Consultation Appointment

Call the office to schedule an appointment. This allows us to evaluate the nature of your condition.

Create Treatment Plan

On your first Visit we will  establish a treatment plan for you based on your needs and get your healthier right away

You Get Back to Feeling Good Again

Our clinical experts assist you in your process of attaining Pelvic Floor Synergy from your CORE. In just a few weeks you will experience less symptoms!

Think you would benefit from
Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Click the link for a brief survey to see if you could benefit from our services.  

Still with questions? Please reach out to our team and someone will be sure to get in touch with you.

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