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New Patient Consultation

Feel Restored, Confirmed, & Strengthened.

Appointments do not require referrals

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New Moms

Congratulations you did it!  Mother hood is an exciting journey, The body undergoes various changes to accommodate pregnancy and delivery. The unique services with Core'Ordinates Care will enable you to restore CORE strength, balance, bladder control and intimacy health. Yes you can get your body back and better than ever.


Visits are individualized efficient and quick , allowing you enough downtime for yourself and time  to get back to that sweet bundle of joy.  Whether you're a first time mom, or planning for new additions, Pelvic floor synergy can treat, prepare and prevent further pelvic floor dysfunctions.


You can run, laugh, love, and make love again, symptom free. 

Health Enthusiasts

Are you a cyclist, runner, fitness instructor or a fitness enthusiasts and suffer from leaks or frequent bathroom trips?  The need for liners/diapers and embarrassment that comes with that can be a barrier, creating interruptions for a regular exercise routine and healthy lifestyle. 

Do you have a desire to begin an exercise routine and having fear because of leaks?  Or are you an exercise beginner and fearful of beginning because of leakage?


If you are having symptoms such as leaking while changing  positions or wearing a bulky pad  to walk in the park, you should consider  a Pelvic Floor dysfunction assessment and Pelvic Floor therapy. Bring harmony and synergy to your wellness regimen and get back to living again.

You can run, laugh, love and make love again, symptom free.

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Senior life is an active life. Whether spending quality time with family (those beautiful grandchildren) or attending a dinner and a movie with friends, bladder interruptions can be a bummer. 


Did you know that Bladder leaks are common but are NOT considered a normal part of aging ? These symptoms are treatable and we have the answers. 


Overactive bladder and frequent nigh time urination are linked to falls and hospitalizations.  Pelvic Floor Synergy can re-affirm your confidence, alleviate organ prolapse symptoms, and strengthen your muscles to  prevent leaks and chronic constipation. Who wants to wear adult diapers or take medications? Let's get to the source and treat the CORE conditions.


You can run, laugh, love and make love again, symptom free.

Pelvic Pain/Trauma

Did you know that bladder symptoms and  core weakness, and pelvic pain can be related to physical and emotional trauma?  Whether you had injuries from a fall, motor vehicle accident, or sexual assault, Pelvic Floor Synergy can confirm, restore and strengthen you to healing.


Some symptoms include; overactive bladder, fear or apprehension to reengage in intercourse due to pelvic pain, lack of pleasure, or tightened vaginal muscles. Book a consultation and in most cases we help you get back sustaining your intimacy health.

You can run, laugh, love and make love again , symptom free. 

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Think you would benefit from
Pelvic Floor Therapy?

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